Wasabi food and delicious sake


"Health your mind and body through food, and create a gentle world."
It may be a mundane word, but that is our criterion and the source of everything.

A place where customers can forget their time and spend time.
Get used to a healthy body through meals.
Do not put a burden on the environment. Such···

I think that a diet that directly becomes energy for the body is very important.

Traditional Aoi Motoyama, which has been popular as a "Japanese herb" since ancient times.
Bactericidal effect, whitening effect, antioxidant effect ... To name a few, it is a super food that has no sharp edges.
Even though it was so amazing, I brought "Aoi Motoyama", who was always a supporting character, to the center of all dishes.
Not only people who love wasabi, but also many customers who say, "I came to Wasabiya and loved wasabi."

At our shop, we have Aoi Motoyama sent directly from a contract farmer in Shizuoka prefecture to all seats.

It will be served with shark skin, so please try "rubbing" it.

Welcome to the world of "Wa".

~ The Pride of wasabiya ~

Use abundant "Hon Wasabi"

Wasabi grows in a clear stream in the deep mountains.
It is cultivated in a cool and limited place throughout the year.
The refreshing scent reminiscent of fresh green when grated wasabi is wonderful.
This is the real wasabi.


Address Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
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Phone Number 078-331-0150
Directions About a 4-minute walk from West Exit 3 of Sannomiya (Kobe Municipal) Station on the Kobe Municipal Subway Seishin / Yamate Line.
About 10 minutes on foot from the west exit of Sannomiya (JR) Station on the JR Tokaido Line.
About a 10-minute walk from the east exit of Motomachi (JR) Station on the JR Tokaido Line (on the prefectural office front station side).
Hankyu Kobe Main Line, Kobe Highway Line About 7 minutes on foot from the West Exit of Kobe Sannomiya (Hankyu) Station.
It is very close to Barashibe.
Bisiness Hours Mon-Sun, public holidays, days before public holidays: 17: 00-23: 00 (Cooking L.O. 22:30 Drink L.O. 22:30).
We accept reservations for banquets for up to 34 people.
* We cannot provide information depending on the schedule.
In some cases, there may be no seats available for online reservations, or two people may be able to guide you at the table.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or request reservation.
Regular holiday Irregular
Credit Cards VISA, Master, JCB, Amex、Paypay
About Cigarettes Smoking is prohibited inside the store. (We have an ashtray outside.)